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About Thassos

The Emerald of the Aegean


With its rich history and archaeological remains, wonderful beaches, variety of activities to do and friendly people, Thassos has become one of those islands holidaymakers return to year after year. It is also very popular with the Greeks because of the good food, the high-standarded services provided and the very intriguing mixture of the modern and the traditional.
It is the island that gives the visitor and the visitor relaxation, enjoyment and relaxation. the endless beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and the verdant slopes, are the ones asking for any holiday maker. Modern era in these beauties, add the many beautiful hotels that serve all social classes and rooms and of course the clubs that are scattered throughout the island. Thassos, the island with many names in antiquity. Inhabited by the 3000 b.c. and then had the name "Odwnis" then dubbed "Thalassia" and later took the name "Aria." after 600 BC took the name "Thasos". 680 BC came to Thassos settlers from the island Paros. Then the island had great progress. Thassos in 650 BC conquered the areas of Thassos and created from the Strymon River until the river Nestos "Thasos Continent". They developed large trade with the marbles, olive oil and honey. An ancient tradition says that the island was born the goddess Demeter first and there taught him the art of agriculture. The episkeftikan the "father of history" Herodotus and fascinated by the beauties of the island remained for some time also and geographer Pausanias for the same reason. The residents of Thassos worshipped Hercules. In ancient times had two beautiful cities Ogygia, who was at the site of the current Port (capital of the island) and Etyra. It had two harbours from which one was closed. The island had many sacred ancient gods and built notable buildings. Temple of Zeus Agoraios of 4th century BC, the Artemisio dedicated to the goddess Artemis of the 6th century BC, the sanctuary of Dionysus of the 4th century BC, the sanctuary of theagenes which was one of the greatest athletes of antiquity, had made 1400 WINS and 2 in Olympics. On the wall of the city gate of goddess Hera of the 5th century BC, there was a gate of the god Hermes and the Graces, the Temple of Poseidon in the 4th century BC was archaio Theatre from 500 b.c. where the Acropolis Had become the cult of the God Apollo. Temple of the goddess Athena who was the city polioycha. Temple of pan on top of the Acropolis. There was a gate of Hercules and Dionysus. God's Gate there was Zeus and the goddess Hera since 600 b.c. Outside the walls, and the mountain was the cemetery and of course there were many other Antiquities. One of the greatest painters of ancient Greece, the "Polygnwtos" was from the island of thasos. Tourists leaving thasos take with them thousands of pleasant memories and very quickly before you come in the summer trying to close positions to come back again and enjoy the pleasant moments that have been played in Thassos, and these moments are countless.

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