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In this page you will find a list with most Cafe Bars in Thassos.

Greek Coffeeis basically the same thing as Turkish Coffee. Like Armenia's "Armenian Coffee," "Cypriot Coffee" in Cyprus, Serbian "Domestic Coffee," and "Bosnian Coffee" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the term "Greek Coffee" is Greece's way of laying claim to something that is very much a part of their culture, even though Turkey (which, along with other areas in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, claims to be origin of the drink) has often had dicey political relationships with these nations.

Greek Coffee is served with grounds in the cup (often a demitasse cup), and the grounds are allowed to settle as the coffee is slowly sipped. The relaxed pace of drinking Greek Coffee makes it ideal for social gatherings, so it is not uncommon to see people conversing over Greek Coffee at a local cafeteria (a Greek cafe for men and women) orkafeneio (a Greek coffee house for men), and Greek Coffee is often served to visitors and guests in Greek homes. One study showed that the typical Greek coffee break lasted over 90 minutes -- ample time to chat, catch up, gossip... and let those grounds settle.

There are four main styles of Greek Coffee:

  • Unsweetened, or sketos (pronounced SKEH-tohss)
  • Somewhat sweet, or metrios (pronounced MEHT-ree-ohss)
  • Sweet, or glykos (pronounced ghlee-KOHSS)
  • Very sweet, or vary glykos (pronounced vah-REE ghlee-KOHSS)

Another variation on Greek Coffee is sweet boiled coffee, or glykys vrastos (pronounced ghlee-KEE-vrah-stohss), but this drink is boiled more than once, and it is missing its foam, which is one of the

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